Hemant Bhattbhatt
CEO, Hmsa Consultancy Services LLP
Shyam Bhattbhatt
Senior Advisor, Hmsa Consultancy Services LLP
Sanjay Rego
Legal Expert, Independent
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​​​Why speak at Konfernet?

If you are an individual with deep business experience and a passion for certain topic(s), whether it relates to your industry or to cutting edge ideas in the relevant field, then here is an opportunity to share your knowledge, to gain recognition, to build your networks and to leverage your expertise for your personal  eminence as well as your companies brand. Are you interested in addressing a conference? 

Below are the benefits you get by speaking at our conferences:

  • Faster career growth
  • Focused exposure and networking
  • It’s a great PR opportunity
  • Lead generation
  • Get instant feedback about your work
  • Free advertising from the show organizer
  • Chance to meet a lot of influencers
  • Interact and learn from potential clients
  • We  can provide letters of commendation
  • Certificate of participation for speaker
Support we provide:
  • We help speakers create presentation for the conference
  • Review it for completeness and relevance
  • Pre-conference setup for lighting, audio and video
  • Voluntary listing of ratings given to speakers